May Musings

A group of us are heading to the Urban Youth Worker’s Institute Reload conference in L.A. next weekend.  Some of the workshop options include: The Messy Art of Helping Hurting Kids, 3D Mentoring Perspective, and Reaching Your Local School’s Campus.  UYWI offers training that is geared towards churches and ministries that are working primarily with unchurched, inner-city youth.

Teens had the opportunity yesterday evening to join several other volunteers to “build” MannaPacks at this organization again:

There were scooping jobs to get the right ingredients in each MannaPack, then bag holding jobs so the scoopers could do their job, then MannaPack weighing jobs to ensure that each bag contained the correct number of ounces.  Finally, there were sealing jobs to close up the packs, then boxing jobs to….well, you guessed it….try to beat up any volunteers who might be slacking.  We had some conscientious boxers, though, and they spent all their time putting the MannaPacks in boxes to prepare for shipping, so any slacking volunteers got off easy last night.

All in all, I believe volunteers packed 52 boxes, which is equal to 1,872 MannaPacks.  That’s not bad for an 8:00-9:30 p.m. shift that also included training and clean-up times!

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