Meet the Interns: Colby

Q and A with Colby Yoder

Countries you’ve visited: Canada, Nicaragua, Israel, Switzerland, Germany
Number of siblings: 3
Birthplace: Wooster, OH
One thing you like about your home church: The leadership
Why you decided to become an intern: I felt like this was where God wanted me to be to use the gifts He has given me.
Favorite ice cream flavor: Oreo
Team sports you’ve played: Football, baseball, softball, basketball
Hobbies and interests: Sports, photography, reading, traveling
Pet peeve: Tardiness. Even though I tend to be late, I hate it.
Person you admire: My father. He is full of integrity, and he cares for people and wants to help them.

If money wasn’t an issue, you’d be driving: Escalade
You’d be excited to receive a gift card to: Target
Some you miss about home: Family
Favorite Bible chapter: I Peter 5
School subject you liked the least: Science
Today’s children and youth are searching for: Someone who respects, listens to, and speaks words of life to them
Motivation to serve Christ with your life: The fact He died for me and hasn’t given up on me no matter where I’m at in life
Book reader or movie watcher: Movie watcher (wish it’d be the other way)
Toppings on your pizza: Meat
Languages you speak: English
Favorite season: Fall
Breakfast this morning: Cereal
Famous athlete you’d like to meet: Peyton Manning
What you’d tell someone considering being an intern: You won’t regret it. God will stretch you and give you a new perspective on life.
Bset place you’ve eaten in Phoenix so far: Food truck

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