More Christmas!

December has been quite a busy month!  Thankfully, we have had four hard-working interns to lead or help with various projects.  Here are some of December’s happenings in picture order as you’ll see them below:
– Making candy bags.  I believe the goal was around 2,000, and I’m not sure if that was reached or not.  Each one had a candy cane, chocolates and other candies, a gospel tract, and a flyer about Kids Club.  Many were distributed at a huge Christmas event in collaboration with another local ministry, Crossroads Youth Intervention.  Some were sent to children on an Indian reservation, and others were given to our Kids Club kiddos.  You can see some more pictures on our Facebook page of the candy operation and the CYI Christmas event.  Aim Right had a donor specifically underwrite the candy bags, which was a HUGE blessing.  It’s not normal for Aim Right to devote quite that much $ to just buying candy!
-Minute-to-Win-it games at City Night.  Let’s just say that eating a donut on a string with no hands is probably harder than it looks.  Lots of hilarity with those activities!
-Staff Christmas party.  Kegan and Branden had their home all holiday-ed up and hosted the event.  Caleb and Stephanie did a great job preparing a feast.  Everyone came dressed as a Christmas carol.  I’ll let you try to guess the carols and put the answers at the end of the post.
-Kids Club Christmas play.  Branden (aka Professor Wonder) coordinated a play for Kids Club, and various actors demonstrated the Christmas story from the Bible.

Carols #1, 2, 3, 4

A Movie, #5

Carol #6
Carol #7

Carol #8

Carol #9

And…a video.  I have watched this several times.  It not only makes me smile, but I think it is a much needed perspective this time of the year.  Even if you wouldn’t receive a single Christmas gift this year, you would still be extravagantly blessed, compared to how much of the world lives.  If you had or have two parents who were or are active and involved in your life, you’re blessed.  If you felt safe, protected, and loved while you were growing up, you’re blessed. 
I recently attended a seminar about children who go through traumatic experiences such as abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Their number one need is to feel safe.  They need somebody to trust who won’t let them down.  I think about the kids who come for Rec Center and then stay for hours afterwards, too.  There are few boundaries for them at home, and probably not much safety there either, since boundaries usually foster safety.  It is our prayer that those kids can feel a sense of safety at Aim Right, and we can point them to the One who is the Prince of Peace and an eternal refuge.
#1 – Santa Baby
#2 – Jingle Bells
#3 – Last Christmas
#4 – God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman 
#5 – Who family from How the Grinch Stole Christmas
#6 – Silent Night
#7 – Jingle Bells
#8 – The Little Drummer Boy
#9 – Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

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