More VBS!

Kids loved gathering for the Closing Assembly each day because it gave them an opportunity to do the motions to our theme song “Jesus, You’re My Superhero” that was playing as everyone made their way to the auditorium.  And they were usually still singing the song on the ride home!

Part of the fun at VBS was anticipating the antics that Maintenance Mac, Pizza Man, and Water Woman would do.  In this activity, they had to search through tubs of Cool Whip to find a key. 

For craft time, children made JESUS necklaces.

Ro shared the Bible story about the loaves and fishes, and he just so “happened” to have a little boy with him with a lunch!  Ro-Ro did a great job helping his daddy tell the story about the miracle.

Our stolen van was towed to us on Friday.  It appears rather sad looking, doesn’t it?  The word for “stolen” used by most kids and teens is “jacked,” and we heard that frequently last week as kids were boarding the borrowed van to come to VBS.  Those not used to the blue van we were driving would ask, “What happened to the other van?”  Another child in-the-know would gladly offer, “It was jacked!”  I believe we are still waiting on the final word from the insurance company as to repairing it or totaling it.
We praise God for the many seeds of His truth that were planted in hearts last week at VBS!  Please pray for the 7 children who are spending the week at Youth Haven Ranch this week. We will pick them up on Friday and then take a second group to the Ranch on Monday. 

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