Mustang, OK Youth Group

It’s a fact that many of the youth we minister to rarely go out of state. When funds are limited at home, or you don’t own a vehicle, that makes trips and vacations impossible or rare. When groups come here from various states and serve, though, I believe it’s a special blessing for the kids, and in a small way, expands their horizons.

A large group of 6th-12th graders from the First Baptist Church in Mustang, OK, are in Phoenix for a Spring Break missions trip and stopped by Aim Right today for a few hours. Half of the group organized water games for neighborhood kiddos that just kept coming and coming, while the other half served across the street at Garfield Elementary, cleaning classrooms and willingly tackling other not-so-fun yet necessary cleaning projects.

The youth group will be spotted at various locations around the Valley throughout the week, singing (they’re a choir) and serving. We’re just blessed that they were able to come here for a few hours.

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