New Life Drama Company & Kids Club

Not your regular Kids Club went down this past Wednesday. New Life Drama Company, a full time drama ministry, came to visit!!!! It was such a treat for these young ones to experience this amazing drama company with a HUGE purpose. We really mean HUGE!
They performed for us 5 skits that had us smiling, laughing and crying. Many little lives were touched through their powerful performances. They also provided support and prayer. It was amazing to watch them impact our kids in ways we couldn’t. We know our kids are closer to knowing God a little more because of this fascinating team.
We are grateful for their commitment of spreading the Word of God through their gifts. Thank You New Life Drama Company for giving us a call do to a last minute cancellation, for following your hearts, and creating such beautiful and original skits for all to see. We appreciate you all and hope to see you all back here again soon.

New Life Drama Company Team #2

Ro starting off the night.


Bella and Shelby honking for Jesus.

Amanda, Abby and Josiah showing how to be fearless. 

Dillon and Abby showing us what not to do on the road! 

Full attention mode and lots of laughing!! 

Josiah meets Kailena “The Angel” who shows him the future. 

Amanda and Dustin showing the kids Jesus died for us.
Serious but impactful. Tears of sadness for Jesus was the outcome.

Prayer Warriors

They truly loved it! 

Tostadas in the basement and getting to know this really cool team.

Prayer Requests:

– Please pray over NLDC as they travel for the next two months spreading the word of Jesus. Safe travels, transformation of lives, and for God to allow them to see the impact they have created.
– Please pray over our Kids Club youth and for these performances to imprint in their hearts and begin to create a positive change.

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