Of Buses and Bruises

Nine nights down, one to go!

We like to advertise ourselves as a safe haven for kids, but yesterday evening seemed to be a get-hurt kind of night. Even before the Opening Assembly, a little girl had a toe ouchy, and she howled through the cleaning of the toe and the applying of salve and a bandage. Fortunately, the pain lessened, and she was all smiles by the end of class.

Then, as the bus was preparing to depart the premises, the real fun began. Don’t you know that the real fun happens on the bus, where the fragrance of multiple sweaty bodies wafts sweetly through the 101-degree air, where it is super-duper fun if you ignore repeated pleas to please remain in your seat while this aircraft is in motion, where it is even more fun if you get one of the broken seats so you can practice your monkey moves on the remaining frame, where it is hilariously fun if you can sneak your arm out the window far enough to latch onto some tree branches?

Of course, I was not describing our bus in the lines above. Noooo, sirree. Those other ministries have those kinds of buses, but NOT US!

Those other ministries probably have children on their buses who might attempt to choke another child, or hit another child, or have screaming contests, or say a bad word, or say many bad words, or say many, many bad words. How I feel sorry for them. It must be awful.

The invitation is open.

13th Street & Roosevelt.
Your choice of a 5:00 p.m. departure or an 8:00 p.m. departure.
Beverage service not included.

The bus ride of your life awaits.


“I have not come to invite good people. I have come to invite sinners to change their hearts and lives!” – JESUS (Luke 5:32)

He makes it all worth it.

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