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It isn’t often that I blog about office-related happenings, but the past few weeks have been slightly interesting on the office technology front.  The slow Windows XP office computer was upgraded to a new-to-us model we purchased economically through TechSoup.  I wanted to make sure all the files transferred properly, so we outsourced that job to a computer technician.  I made plans to be computer-less for awhile.

Long story short, I discovered there was a glitch with the accounting program once I had the new computer set up.  And I discovered a glitch with the old computer, too, which was to be our back-up should we ever need it.  Both computers had to go back to the technician again

The computers are finally back, and I’m loving the speed of the new one.  However, I spent a few frustrating hours yesterday and today trying to complete the installation of Publisher — the one Office program I use frequently that wasn’t already installed on the new computer.  I had purchased Publisher at a huge savings through TechSoup ($8 vs. $207 — yes, please!), but getting the download activated and installed wasn’t working properly.  After calling Microsoft and being transferred multiple times to multiple persons who don’t speak my first language very clearly, I was finally told, “Uninstall the program and then reinstall it.  Then if you still have problems, call us again.”

I uninstalled.  Reinstalled.  Uninstalled.  Reinstalled.  Re-read download instructions.  Finally, I happened to click on a file that led to a never-seen-before screen, and it began to activate the software.  Publisher and I are in business again.  Thank you, Jesus! 


As we near the end of Kids Club for this semester, I’ve been thinking about how to give a little something special to all the children who can recite all the Scripture passages we’ve focused on since January.  I called a variety of restaurants — Jack-in-the-Box, McDonald’s, In-n-Out Burger — to ask if they offered certificates for one item (like a burger or an ice cream cone) that we could purchase in multiples.  The lowest amount was a $5 gift card, too high above the budget I had in mind for 50 children.

Then I called a local Wendy’s.  The employee who answered was exceptionally friendly.  I asked about buying certificates for a small item like a Frosty.  Wouldn’t you know….they don’t sell them, but they do give them away!  The employee’s children go to a Christian school, and she was more than happy to hear about our cause.  She then gave me the manager’s name, and asked me to call back a little later when he would be in. 

I called back later and spoke with the manager.  At first, he wasn’t sure he had any certificates available, but then he discovered he had a few.  That few?  Turns out to be 50 exactly.  The Father provided — in a way I never expected!

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…”  James 1:17

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