Some photos of Aim Right North kiddos learning about patience:

And…since I was told, “You need to blog about the Canyon, Amy!” here’s a photo of a few folks who exhibited some patience — 10 hours and approximately 17 miles of it — hiking down to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.  Coincidentally, in the Canyon, what goes down must come up, so part of that 10 hours was spent traversing switchback after switchback on our ascent.  Finally we spotted a man in flip flops on the trail and took heart that the end must be near.

There’s nothing quite like hiking under a blanket of stars, then watching the sun rise and gradually recolor the Canyon, or noting the contrasts between the muddy Colorado and the clear creeks and waterfalls near the bottom, or hiking through red dirt, beach-like sand, and more red dirt, or experiencing the extremes of “This is way too cold,” to “It’s so very hot.” 
This hiking team shared encouraging words and humor as readily as their snacks and band-aids, and I think we’re all thankful that God gave us a safe, fun trip, with a bit (make that “a lot” for me) of physical exertion thrown in.  We truly have an amazing Creator, and were it not pretty imperative that we make it out of there in daylight, it would have been nice to spend more time exploring at the bottom.
Maybe next time?

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