Pizza Party with Hillsong Church

Saturday March 11th we had the privilege to partner up with Hillsong Church of Downtown Phoenix to throw a Pizza Party for our Kids Club Youth. It was an extra treat to have these kiddos come on a Saturday instead of our regular Wednesday nights. For this special party we had it set up with different stations.
We first met up in the sanctuary for worship. Singing songs that some of our regular kids know by heart, hand gestures & everything. We like to start Kids Club with worship songs hoping they would stick and someday hold a special place in their hearts.
We had a craft station. Our kids worked on creating a masterpiece with colored construction paper, ribbon and loads of glitter. Hands were sketched to create a beautiful flower growing from a pot. Simple and yet each so unique.
Kickball was also played as one of the stations to keep them active with a bit of fun!
There was also a water race game set up outside to where the kiddos had to soak a sponge in a bucket and squeeze water out to fill up a pitcher. Getting from the bucket to the pitcher was a sure challenge.
And last but not least the Pizza Station! There was pizza, chips and cupcakes and boy where they all Hungry!!
Thank you Hillsong Church of Downtown Phoenix for volunteering and making this a special day for our youth!
Some but not all Hillsong Volunteers

Hillsong Volunteers getting craft station ready.


Water Game

Pizza Station

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