Middle School

High School


Kingdom Kids

Kingdom Kids is our monthly program where we play games, do crafts, sing, learn Bible Stories, and of courseā€¦eat!

Garfield Elementary

Every Tuesday and Wednesday our staff provides on-campus support to K-3rd grade teachers by pulling reading groups, assisting with recess, and being a positive presence for the students. Aim Right also provides chaperones for fields trips and hosts leadership training events for the Garfield Student Leaders. We love our Garfield Grizzlies!

Vacation Bible School

VBS is a highlight of the summer! Over 50 kids from the neighborhood fill our building with dancing, laughing, and craziness!

Middle School

Spark Group

Our middle school students meet weekly on Tuesday to share a meal, play games, and connect with our staff in a safe environment. They experience trust-based relationships and are equipped in making solid life choices as they navigate middle school.

Garfield Lunch Groups

Aim Right staff coordinate with Garfield social workers to offer one-on-one and small group experiences every Tuesday for students who need extra support socially and emotionally.

High School

Impact Group

High School students meet weekly to share a meal, participate in small groups, and play basketball, volleyball, and other group games. Each week our staff helps them tackle the current issues they are facing and let them know that they are not alone. Students are empowered by the Gospel to be agents of positive and lasting change in their schools and community.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is the event of the year! Our students cannot wait for summer camp! We spend a week in Dolores, Colorado, taking 30 youth out of their comfort zone to spend a week in the mountains. Activities include chapel, small group time, team building activities, hiking, and horseback riding. Students are challenged to take their relationship with Jesus to a deeper level and stretch themselves to grow into the men and women God has created them to be.