It’s been quite a few since you guys set your eyes on one of our blogs. The good news is that, here at Aim Right, we have been extremely busy. Here’s a recap of what’s been going on.

BBQ Dinner Fundraiser
We had a great time welcoming you all to our BBQ Dinner at Trinity Mennonite. This was a real spin on our traditional Spaghetti Dinner for this fundraiser but we are glad we went through with it. Can’t express enough of how much we appreciate all of you who donated towards this event and all of you who came out for a bite to eat.  Thank you for supporting our teens trip to Camp. Seeds will be planted for Jesus! We look forward to providing you all with updates and pictures of our campers as they take on this adventure.








Water Fun! 
Towards the end of the school year we like to treat our kids with fun water activities. What better way to spend the summer in these high and dry temperatures? The kids really enjoy it. Here we have our Kids Club group and Rec Center kiddos really having a blast!













We appreciate you!
Partnered with Unite Phoenix to serve our next door neighbors of Garfield Elementary. Teachers and Staff were welcome to come and enjoy a delicious lunch. Reaching out and showing them how much we appreciate them for their hard work and dedication trough out the year.

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