My trusty camera bit the dust awhile ago; when I finally replaced it, I realized the cord that connects to the USB port in the computer apparently wasn’t part of the purchase.  A cord was ordered and came in the mail today; be prepared for pictures and more pictures!  These are all from our downtown campus.
Colby has been doing a great job of leading our Opening Assembly at Kids Club.  Our first evening was a few weeks ago, but with our bus driver sick that evening, several kids had to find their own rides.  The smaller crowd was nice as we dipped our toes into Kids Club water again.

The theme for Teen Night this fall is “Encounter” and experiencing God.  As Caleb shares the Word each Friday, a room full of teenagers can also be a room full of distractions; what do you do with 40-odd cell phones, late-comers who can’t sneak in very quietly, and sporadic rows of giggles?  Please pray for Caleb as he shares each Friday and for teens to be attentive.

Pizza and ice cream sundaes have been favorite snacks recently.

Below is the newest member of the Aim Right fleet.  The “Blue Bird” came with the purchase of Aim Right North and has replaced our worn-out 1992 bus that was sold earlier in the summer.  I was told it was a packed little bus when it debuted at Kids Club a week ago.

I’m not sure whose idea it was to pick flowers from our bushes before Kids Club, but you can hardly blame them; the colors are stunning!  Even in the desert, God shows His handiwork through varieties of plants that bloom and thrive in the dry heat.

Teen Bible study is focusing on disciplines of the Christian faith.  Prayer, meditation, and fellowship are the topics teens have studied so far.

Something new this fall is a Boys Club and a Girls Club.  Colby is leading the Boys Club and started with three boys yesterday after school.  The boys enjoyed painting a large mural and having some after-school snacks.  They’ll come again next Tuesday for some “guy time.”  Kari is organizing the Girls Club, which begins this Thursday afternoon.


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