January has been a busy month!  Where did it go?  Here are some glimpses of what has been going on.
Kids Club began again. We definitely had a lot more than two children attend, but these are the only two I managed to capture as “evidence.”

Children learned about God creating the world and then made some posters about the days of creation.

Ro led a friendship-themed Teen Night. Here teens were playing a newlywed-style game, but about their best friends instead of a spouse.

Ro shared a message about choosing friends wisely.

Finger-lickin’ good nachos!

Can board games and card games still be fun for a modern generation?  The answer is “YES!”

Of course, they appreciate time with the Wii, too.

 An Aim Right Staff Retreat happened last Saturday and began with a wonderful brunch.

There were times of singing, training and teaching by Caleb, playing games, eating more delicious food, and praying together. 

And, finally, as we prepare for our benefit auction (March 5), we have delegated to our intern Aleisha fun and exciting tasks like photographing auction items. I came across this shot among the other photo files of auction items; I don’t think Aleisha will be for sale, but if you like this mirror, we hope to see you in March!


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