Rise Up Camp 2017

Picture this. Staff. Volunteers. Teens everywhere. Aim Right Downtown. Excitement. Bag checks…check again….no electronics… ☑. The excitement from the long trip ahead, 10 plus hours of full blown road trip. Yes! Headed to crisp fresh air from pine trees all around in beautiful Circle K Ranch in Colorado.

We do not allow phones or electronics on this adventure. We want them to connect to mother nature! 

After a breakfast stop and a lunch stop our big heavy bus passes through that well know bridge that goes over the river we tube on. We make it to Circle K Ranch!!

So peaceful.

Once we all settle in and get situated we split our teens up into groups so they can connect and support each other through out camp. Having a total of 4 groups of girls and 4 groups of boys.

Our camp days included:

  • Breakfast
  • Dorm clean up
  • Morning Chapel 
  • Small group
  • Games, groups vs groups
  • Lunch
  • Individual Group activity (horse back riding, hiking, tubing, craft, rope course)
  • Dinner
  • Evening Chapel 
  • Chapel games (boys vs girls)
  • Lights out
Group vs group activities: 
  • Water balloon volleyball using towels to catch the balloons. 
  • Big tic-tac-toe using hula hoops
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Piggy back Race
  • Caterpillar Walk
  • Fill the bucket, sponge full of water on your head.
  • Not on my side, team with the most balls on their side would lose.

You can imagine the chaos and all the fun that went on but something that we are the most excited about is the 15 teens that accepted Christ and many that followed by renewing their commitment to Him. Completely fitting for our camp theme this year.

Rise Up⇫
“Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light.” Ephesians 5:14

We do ask for you to please pray over our teens. Now that we have returned from this wonderful place and back to our lives here in Phoenix. Pray over them to remember what they experienced in Colorado. For their faith to grow and for Jesus to show up when they ask of him to do so.

Chapel Worship Time with Tim. 

Caleb preaching the theme. Rise Up!

Ro stating straight from the bible. 

Small Group time

Each team had their own color bandannas.

Take a picture with Caleb, scavenger hunt. 



Not on my side!

Roro and Lourdes. 

Golden Plunger and Silver Toilet Brush. These prestigious awards go to those teams with the most points. Gets you ahead of everyone in the food line. 

Tie Dye

Tubing. fun and freezing at the same time. 

They look forward to this every year. 

Please check us out on Facebook for more pictures.

We want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all the sponsors who donated towards a camper, sponsors who donated towards the repairing of the bus, all who donated during the BBQ Dinner Fundraiser and for you all that prayed over us during camp week. Special shout out to Grand Canyon University for donating really cool looking sun glasses and notebooks. We were extremely amazed and feel so blessed and loved with all your support. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! ❤

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