Have you ever played “Scorpion”?

I was introduced to the game while on the bus as we picked up kids for VBS. After one too many rounds of thumb war, peek-a-choo, and paper-rock-scissors, a 6-year-old boy challenged me to “Scorpion.” He grasped one of my hands in a tight grip and then told me we were both supposed to dig our fingernails into the other person’s hand until someone gave up and said “Scorpion.” I had mercy on the little guy and applied very little pressure to his hand, while he did quite the opposite to me. Despite his exertion, he failed to inflict much pain, so I pretended I couldn’t handle it and cried “Scorpion!” The proud winner then informed me that he doesn’t even have long fingernails, and he’s still good at beating people at that game.

Don’t you just love kids?

There have certainly been plenty of them to love on (or bear patiently with!) this week, as our first week of VBS is underway.

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