September Tidbits

Boys are outnumbering the girls in Kids Klub attendance. Why? I don’t really know, although it makes for a little more rambunctious crowd!

Wednesday evening we studied the story Jesus told about the wise man and the foolish man. In classes where students are of reading age, we try to have enough Bibles available so that students can read the words themselves. These 2nd graders have been great learners!

This young man is one of the faithful walkers. Since we currently do not have a driver for our bus, several children walk to Kids Klub, and the rest we transport in a van and a few cars. The walking part is a little more tricky than you might assume, since the child’s parent may or may not always remind him or her about Kids Klub. That means the child has to (a) remember there’s Kids Klub that evening and (b) plan ahead to walk there in time! I’d say that Jose probably walks at least 1/2 mile to Kids Klub.

Former intern Roger Beachy (’06-’07) and lovely wife Janine were in the Valley last week, celebrating two years of marriage and re-connecting with the many teens and individuals they have impacted through their enthusiastic hearts for the Lord.

A cook-out with Roger and Janine one evening:

Last week, Sanctum began. Sanctum is the new name for what was formerly called Out Loud, a twice monthly worship service for teens. You can read more about the group here and even “like” them (for all of you who know Facebook lingo!), on their Facebook page: Sanctum on Facebook. Bob Oxley leads Sanctum, along with several other talented musicians. If you live in the area, you’re certainly invited to worship along with us on Monday evening. The next scheduled Sanctum is September 27.

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