Some Kids Club Musings

It is Spring Break week here. 
That meant that several kiddos were here yesterday several hours before Kids Club, “to play.”  Before Kids Club had even begun, two of the balls they were playing with had gone over the fence into a neighbor’s yard.  If you ever want to donate items to Aim Right that will most definitely be used, soccer balls and basketballs would fit the bill!

The young man giving the peace sign in the photo above got into the van last night saying, “I’m not going to use any bad words tonight.”  I’m not sure what the motivation was behind it, but I’m glad he was thinking about the kind of words he uses. 

We wrapped up our lessons on the fruits of the Spirit.  A few weeks ago, Caleb & Stephanie began teaching children this song, and it definitely helped kids more quickly learn the Scripture memory verse about the fruits of the Spirit.  Darrell recently picked up two crates of chocolate at the food bank where we purchase most of our snacks; the 3rd & 4th graders were promised a large bag of M & M’s as a prize for learning the fruits of the Spirit.  Many of them accepted the challenge and went home as proud owners of multi-colored chocolate candies yesterday.

For several weeks, I have been noticing a family that lives across the street from some Kids Club children we regularly pick up.  This family is not your average family of the neighborhood; they appear as if they may have just stepped out of Africa — very dark skinned and colorful, flowing clothing.  I thought, “I should invite them to Kids Club,” but then I also thought, “No…the van is already so full, and it looks like there could be quite a lot of children that live there.”

Then I watched a movie about refugees recently and immediately thought about the family I had seen.  Are they refugees?  I don’t know, but I knew I needed to try to invite them to Kids Club.  When I visited kids earlier in the week, one of the boys from the family was outside.  I handed him a flyer and told him a little about Kids Club. 

Guess who was waiting outside when the van neared his home on Wednesday evening?  A boy who said, “You gave me a paper.”

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