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Last week’s Kids Klub lesson was about Abraham & Sarah.´╗┐  Children had to guess what gift God gave a 100-year-old man — a pet rabbit, a new baby, or a bag of gold.  Some had heard the story before and knew the answer; others thought maybe it was a bag of gold.

Since there was no school this week due to fall break, we did not have Kids Klub, but instead encouraged each teacher to spend some time connecting with a few of their students in a special way.  A few of the activities that teachers planned were a tea party, a trip to a local chocolate factory, and a visit to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.  Here are some photos from the museum outing:

The grocery store was a favorite place.  You could be a shopper, a stocker, a cashier, or a warehouse worker.

 Some girls made us some yummy pizzas, tacos, and salads out of felt and cloth pieces in the kitchen / pizza oven room.

You’re never too young to learn to pump gas!

 The “car wash” was another favorite.  It really is astounding how creative and hands-on each exhibit is within the museum.

´╗┐Special thanks to the Children’s Museum for once again blessing us with free admission!

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