Teen Camp – Day 4

We asked campers to write down their favorite part of camp.  Some of their responses:
  • tubing
  • tubing and the food
  • horseback riding
  • hiking
  • doing group team games
  • getting to know people
  • chapel (like always)
  • get to play all the games
  • mush ball
  • being with my friends and everything overall
  • team building games and hiking because in team games everyone has fun and hiking is the best
  • being able to be around these people (they’re amazing) and also chapel really spoke to me
  • Telluride
  • basketball and going to the gondola
  • when we have chapel and activities
Day #4 at camp seems to have been “Pick on your counselor” day.  They are the ones who got toilet papered and shaving creamed!  Thank you to Lourdes for all of these photos, as well as the Day 1-3 photos that have been posted here previously.

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