Teen Night 1.23.15

“What is your view of your father?  And how does that affect how you view God as a Father?”
That was part of Caleb’s message to teens on Friday evening, as he shared with them about God wanting to be their Father.  Like a good earthly father, God gives us good gifts when we ask Him (Matthew 7:9).  He also welcomes the lost child home (Luke 15).
Earlier in the day, at my job at a nursing home, there was a man next door actively dying (an interesting way to describe it medically, isn’t it?), and his daughter was at his bedside.  A few visitors went in and out; someone from a church came to comfort and say the 23rd Psalm.
I couldn’t help but remember when I lost my dad, although it was in quite different circumstances.  I needed the reminder about the care and presence of my Heavenly Father on Friday evening, and I’m thankful that God worked through Caleb to speak it.
It’s sad that a lot of youth we interact with don’t really seem to have a concept — good or bad — of what a father is like because a lot are being raised with an absent (sometimes even unknown) father.  Some families are quite large, with children sharing the same mother, but having 3 or 4 different fathers.
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One of the Teen Night activities involved painting.  Here are some creative masks, canvases, and photo frames in the works!

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