Teen Night 1.31.14 and Christmas Project Items

The Rec Center snack stand is now open and has been a big hit already. As you can tell from our price list below, the corner store doesn’t stand a chance. They may have a broader selection, but we keep our prices low, and that has gained us some customer loyalty. Extra-tall cans of flavored iced teas and Gatorade are popular items, but if you want a chocolate bar or a fresh-from-the-microwave Hot Pocket, we’ve got those, too.

The snack at Teen Night? Tostadas!

We encourage healthy eating by letting a cute 4-year-old serve the lettuce. You wouldn’t deny her the pleasure of piling lettuce on your plate, would you?

Caleb’s object lesson on Friday evening involved a large container, ping pong balls, and rocks. The rocks represented “meaningless” choices, like what kind of cereal you eat for breakfast or what color of socks you wear. Caleb explained that it’s easy to go aimlessly through life, making lots of “meaningless” choices without taking the time to focus on the “important” choices. The “important” choices were represented by ping pong balls and included categories such as God, Health, Friends, College, Marriage, and Jobs, to name a few.

If you fill your life with only meaningless choices (rocks), the container fills up, with no room for the “important” choices. BUT if you focus on the “important” choices (ping pong balls), prioritizing a relationship with God, healthy friendships, and good habits, the ping pong balls and the rocks all fit nicely in the container.

Pictured below are a few of the items we were able to purchase with funds that donors contributed towards our Christmas projects. Thank you to all who gave!

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