Teen Night 9.03.10

The Rec Center opened this afternoon, so the place is abuzz with action! This game is apparently the most popular.

The new intern team continues to be initiated. At Teen Night on Friday evening, Caleb had prepared special diapers for them. Here they are opening their precious little bundles.

Caleb was nice enough to put good-tasting (albeit realistic-looking) stuff on the inside!

Joel whooped the girls and ate the most.

Then, some teens had to eat a banana with no hands (it was already peeled for them).

The next victims/volunteers guzzled Mountain Dew.

The lovely Miss Dora who managed to avoid all gross activities throughout the evening but really wants her photo on the blog. Here you go, Dora!

Finally…the lovely and lively Miss Madison who is missing a few diapers — three, to be exact. And she informed me she doesn’t want ’em back!

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