Teens Have Been Learning About…

  • Getting rid of the things that have been holding them back from going forward in a relationship with Jesus. 
On Friday evening, Caleb encouraged youth to write down an aspect of the past that they are putting behind them.  Those small notecards were put into a bonfire to symbolize teens’ decisions not to dwell on the past any longer.
  • Building a relationship with Jesus.
Yesterday’s Bible study focused on how solid human relationships are formed, with parallels to how a relationship with Jesus begins and grows.  Teens identified some key components of a good relationship, like communication, respect, commitment, and love.

Caleb talked about getting to know God through reading His Word, spending time talking to Him and seeking Him, and being at a point where you’re ready to say, “Yes, I want you in my life, Jesus.”  Some have already made that important decision; others are still pondering.
P.S. You might notice that in the second photo, there’s a white poster on the wall with a cylinder partially filled in with red ink.  To date, teens have raised over $60 to contribute towards gifts for the poor through World Vision.  The goal is set at $400, which means the pickle jar “piggy bank” needs to grow quite a bit more over the next few weeks!

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