Thank You, God, for…

  • 71 degrees.
Yes, yes, yes.
It’s a lemonade and flip-flops kind of day.
Did the President come to give a speech…or to get warm?
  • Lists with names of teens to visit.
With interns coordinating visitation for well over a year,
it’s now time for us long-term’ers to resume the task.
There are two ways to view visitation:
Is it 20 stops to make?
Or 20 opportunities to take?
When viewed as the latter, it’s much more rewarding, and your spirit is in a much better place
to pray and praise about what you see and hear.  (from personal experience)
  • Indigenous leadership.
At a Kids Club staff meeting yesterday evening, I looked around the table and realized this:
There are more!  More local, born-and-raised-in-this-neighborhood leaders than those that are not from here.  And one of those leaders prayed, “Help the kids we teach become the next leaders.”  Let’s keep passing the baton.

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