Blog: Thanksgiving — Progressive Style!

Youth had numerous opportunities to practice giving thanks when they boarded the bus on Saturday evening to celebrate Thanksgiving with a progressive dinner provided by staff and friends of the ministry.

Stop #1: A nice, healthy green salad at Luis & Delia’s.

Stop #2: Delicious green bean casserole at Bob and Rachel’s.

Stop #3: Scrumptious mashed potatoes topped with cheese and bacon at Jeff & Trisha’s.

Stop #4: Fresh dinner rolls with homemade strawberry jam at Darrell & Julie’s.

Stop #5: A dessert assortment of brownie bites, creme puffs, and danishes (along with coffee and hot cocoa) at Chris & Kay’s.

Stop #6: Turkey time! The bird that is so apt to grace a Thanksgiving table appeared at the Progressive Dinner, too — just at the final stop at the church, when most weren’t so hungry anymore!

Special thanks to Caleb & Stephanie for planning the dinner (and preparing the turkey), and to all who hosted and provided food for the memorable evening of feasting!

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