The Life Book

Have you heard of The Life Book?

It’s what several teens have been studying on Monday evenings. Produced by the Gideons International, Part 1 of The Life Book is a “quick re-telling of the first part of the Bible.” Part 2 is simply the book of John. What makes The Life Book unique is its size (5″ x 5″) and creative layout. Sprinkled throughout the white space of the pages of Biblical text, various fonts are used to display comments and questions from 4 students and 1 adult, “Uncle G.” Here’s an example: Read The Life Book

A typical Monday evening group at Aim Right can be quite diverse. There’s the guy who’d rather be out playing basketball. There’s the girl who can’t seem to control her giggling. There’s the teen who spent the day in juvenile court. There are ones who know several Bible stories; there are those who are learning them for the first time.

At every moment of the teaching time, are they attentive?  Not a chance!  But the 6 or 7 minutes when they are really tuned in, questions flowing, you know that wheels are turning, and the Spirit is working.

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