This is the June Life

Caleb led Monday’s Bible study about prayer.  If you look closely at the window in the door, you can see an object lesson in progress.  Someone is repeatedly knocking on that door.

This is our second Youth Haven camper group, pictured with some of the Youth Haven Ranch staff and our new bus that now has a name on the side, thanks to a local volunteer who has consistently helped with bus maintenance through the years. 

This is one camper’s note to Youth Haven:  Thank you, staff, for teaching us about God, and thank you for giving us Trail Books.  I will miss you.  [A Trail Book is a Bible given to the campers]

Yesterday evening, the youth group from Berea Mennonite Church in Indiana blessed us with their presence at Teen Night.  Greg Knepp, their youth leader, opened the evening, and then youth provided skits and sharing about having victory over sin.  Groups from Berea were here in 2007 and 2011 to help with Vacation Bible School.  This summer they chose to serve in Rocky Point, Mexico, and just finished building two homes there.  They are spending a few days in the Phoenix area before going back to Indiana.  It is always great to re-connect with folks who love God and are passionate about serving Him in any way they can. 

Carter may have made a new friend.

Ice cream and nachos:  Healthy?  No.  Good?  Yes.

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