Try this at home…

It’s almost summertime, which means this “recipe” is a fabulous one to have in the back of your mind and implement on a blistering day.  It can be healthy, too, since you get to choose the type of juice you use.
You need:
– small (sandwich size) zip-top plastic bags
– large (gallon size) zip-top plastic bags
– ice
– juice
– salt
– spoons
– paper towels or rags
– patience
– bored and/or hungry humans
Let’s do this!
1.  Give each human two plastic bags — one small and one large.

2.  Pour juice into the small bag, about half full.  Seal tightly, trying to get as much air out as possible.

3.  Place the small bag inside the large bag.

4.  Add a good amount of ice and some salt into the large bag.

5.  Seal the large bag and shake it like you mean it or shove it across the table continuously.  Be patient; it takes several minutes.

6.  If bags weren’t sealed properly or are of the el cheapo variety, grab your paper towels or rags.  You’ll need them by this point!
7.  When the juice has lightened in color and thickened in consistency, remove the small bag from Iceland and enjoy the slushy you just made.

Special thanks to Edwin, who organized this slushy making activity for teens recently.  He also shared with youth about Matthew — tax collector turned Jesus follower — and encouraged them that Jesus can change their lives, too.

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