Tutoring — The Grand Finale

They run. They hit. They yell. They push in line and whine. They yank branches from trees and gleefully come up with sticks to aid in their hitting. They jump over walls and jump off walls and jump on top of walls. They roll in the sand and dig in the sand and throw the sand. Heaven knows, they probably even eat the sand.

This phenomenon is called a little boy.

Believe it or not, for the majority of our tutoring program this year, we had a roster of only boys, ten of ’em, in the 7-to-8-year-old range, quite possibly the prime age for the above activities.

It was often a challenge to subdue them into a “Let’s get down to business and learn” mode, but somehow it happened. I even have photo proof of little boys in learning mode — along with patient tutors in encouraging mode!

While tutoring is finished for the year, I pray that the connections that have been established throughout the year will not stop, but continue to grow. Some of these energetic little guys will go with us to Youth Haven Ranch this summer, and Lord willing, all of them will be able to attend VBS. In fact….all of those water games our VBS curriculum recommends? Right up their running, sliding, jumping alley!

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