VBS: Camp Discovery (Day Three)

Despite our bus having a flat tire on Wednesday evening, VBS started early (praise the Lord that we could use the rental van!), and kids enjoyed some extra singing time.  After an object lesson about the Pepper family, groups headed out to the various stations.

The group has been using the kitchen to prepare their meals, and here Wanda is in the process of making some fabulous bread for dinner.

 Memory verse time was not for the faint of heart — a lot of balloon popping going on!  Each balloon had a word of the verse written on it; eventually all the balloons were popped, and children had to say the verse without any clues.

During games, children filled a frisbee full of water and raced to another bucket to dump as much water as they could before racing back to hand the frisbee off to another child.

Any guesses what the Bible story was about?  (Mark 2 is your hint)  The group has used a lot of creativity in making props and visual aids.

As of this afternoon (Thursday), the group is participating in a Cup of Cold Water (based on Matthew 10:42), handing out a very large amount of cold bottled water at local parks and bus stops.  As you can tell below, if a container seemed large and sturdy, it was turned into an ice chest for the afternoon.

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