Water fun with Marietta Community Chapel

Yesterday we were blessed with another visit from a youth group in town for the Mennonite convention.  Marietta Community Chapel (Marietta, PA) youth led an afternoon of water games, snacks, and crafts for around 30 children.  One member of the group expressed that she thought it was a “God thing” that they were assigned to serve at Aim Right because quite a few in the group were related to former interns and were already familiar with Aim Right.  There were around 40 different site locations for service projects, so it’s pretty incredible that we were paired together!
It was hot enough that I don’t think any of the children (and not very many youth or adults!) had qualms about getting completely soaked.  Children were divided into three groups, and each group got to spend time at the slip-n-slide station, the water games station, and the crafts / snack station.

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