Blog: Welcome, Carle!

A few weeks ago, we welcomed another intern. Carle Troyer is from New Philadelphia, Ohio. We are so glad to have her here, and I know Aleisha appreciates having another female intern to serve alongside her.
Carle was initiated at her first Kids Club. I forget exactly what she was searching for in the whipped cream–perhaps M&M’s?

What a great sport!

At the following week’s Kids Club, Carle played the role of a sheep during the lesson about Psalm 23.

Professor Wonder and Ro had quite a time with the “dumb” sheep.

Carle also taught the 3rd and 4th grade class.
Here is a Q&A with Carle so you can learn a little more about her:
  • Why you decided to become an intern: God has been showing me why I’m here in this life (to show His love), and I knew that in coming out here, I was coming to a place with a lot of kids from broken homes.
  • Have you ever won anything? A Hula hoop contest a few years ago at a concert.
  • Hobbies & interests: Painting nails, being outside, warm weather. I also love painting/drawing and ice cream.
  • Person you admire: My mom, because we are a lot alike, and she has shown me how to love and have a servant’s heart.
  • A highlight of the past year: Living in Michigan for two months. I got to see a lot of pretty places up north and work with some awesome kids.
  • Jobs you’ve had: Bakery sales, server, nail technician.
  • A memory from your flight to Phoenix: Most of it was listening to music on the plane, as it was dark. But the airline lady didn’t charge me for my carryon because my check-in bag weighed 80 pounds!
  • Which do you feel more drawn to–children or teens? Both. That’s why I’m here.
  • One thing you like about your home church [Grace Mennonite]: I like our kids programs we have. I miss my 5th & 6th grade girls Bible study and kindergarten Sunday School class.
  • If you could meet a famous person, whom would you like to meet? Jesus (well…one day). I would say Kyle Idleman. He’s my favorite speaker.
  • You’d be excited to receive a gift card to: Amazon, Target, anything really. I like gifts, and I love cards.
Welcome, Carle! We’ll keep the ice cream coming your way and can guarantee you’ll get to experience plenty of warm weather!

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