Welcome Home, White Bus

Are you ready for some adventures, White Bus?  Let me tell you about two that you’re sure to experience…
Kids Club.  For some kids who come and sit on your seats, it might be the first time someone has ever taken them to church.  And you’ll have the privilege of safely, comfortably getting them there!
Teen Camp.  Have you ever been to Colorado, White Bus?  Well, get ready, because you’re going to leave the blazing heat of Phoenix and pass mountains and desert and mountains and desert until you reach the coolness of Southwestern Colorado.  Then you’ll get a week of mostly resting while your passengers dig deep into Scripture, float down a frigid river, and sleep in bunk beds. 
Welcome home, White Bus.
God recently provided a buyer for our 1997 little blue Blue Bird bus, and we purchased a newer, nicer, more dependable 2007 International bus.  I think one of the best “bus stories” I’ve ever read is one I posted on the blog in 2009.  It’s titled Finding Wisdom Behind the Wheel of the Vacation Bible School Bus and is written by a medical doctor who found himself driving the bus to pick up unchurched children and take them to VBS.  His writing style is delightful and witty, his observations spot-on.

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