Yard Sale: Comin’ Soon!

This might have been our fastest yard sale set-up ever.
A dozen teens gathered items from our storage shed, unpacked box after box, and sorted too many items of clothing to count.  This will either be a two-weekend sale or one that keeps adding new items by the hour because we ran out of table space to display all the items we have.
Our yard sale donations are a little like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re gonna get.  For example, Aim Right is your one-stop shop for these treasures on Friday:
– Easter baskets (several styles to choose from)
– A pet cage
– A hockey helmet
– A bowling bag
– A drink jug fancied up with a padded outside covering
– Intermediate Algebra books (for your summer learning fun)
– A “I’m a Jayhawks Fan” fan
– A bottle of Tabasco sauce (not even expired!)
– A TV that requires a large house (or simply a room where you want it to “make a statement”)
– A 1984 Radio/TV (portable!!!)
– A Caboodle (I may or may not have possessed one of these back in the day)
If you’re in the area, come support our teens this Friday morning!  All funds raised will go towards their camp fees.  The yard sale begins at 8:00 AM at our downtown campus.  

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