You, Jesus, and Your Money

Yesterday In Touch Ministries featured a great message on you and your money by Pastor Andy Stanley. It’s 20 minutes well spent as he dissects Jesus’ teaching on giving and greed in Luke 12.

The Assumption of Consumption – August 23rd broadcast

And….a compelling blog post from one of the Mission Increase Foundation writers. If you think American Christians are a generous lot, think again.

Where are the Other 76%?


Perhaps you’re wondering: Why a post on money and giving? As a non-profit organization that interacts routinely with givers of time, energy, and resources (one of which might be you!), Aim Right’s board adopted the Ten Principles of Transformational Giving. One of those principles is that giving is learned, not latent. Therefore, our desire is that you–and we–would grow in understanding and obeying the principles of Biblical giving as we seek together to advance His kingdom in Phoenix and beyond!

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