You know you’re appreciated when…

You dutifully stand in a line, eyes shut, while a leader you respect and admire instructs you to wait. 

Then something soft and cool and sticky and sweet gets slammed into your face.

And you survey the wreckage from this much belated initiation.
Oh, yes, we love our interns!

In all seriousness, though, the intern team of Colby, Kari, and Alexa has been a huge blessing over the past year.  Alexa will return home to Ohio in August, while Colby and Kari plan to stay until December.

We said good-bye to Joel in July; since this was his second time serving at Aim Right, he didn’t have to endure the “initiation” treatment like the interns did.  A big thanks to Joel for the many ways he helped and volunteered the last several months!

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