Youth Haven Time

Each summer I try to get a group photo of our Youth Haven campers.  It’s always hot, and they usually just want to get in the van to go home, so it can be a challenge.  This young man was a little out of sorts that I came to pick him up (he wanted Caleb again), plus he was out of sorts that he had to go home at all.  He wanted to stay at Youth Haven!  It was his first time to go to camp, too.

The rest of the campers (minus one boy, who went home mid-week due to illness) posed for a photo.  The yellow certificate was an award for how many Bible verses you memorized during the week. 

Time to be silly (or serious!) 

We thank the Lord for safe travels on the 4 journeys we’ve made to Picacho already this summer.  A group of 8 campers is spending the week there right now, and 2 teens may go later in the month to attend a Teen Retreat.

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