Youth Haven – Week #1

The first group of Ranchers have returned home, and today a second group went to Picacho for a week of camp at Youth Haven.

During the trip home, we had supplies in the van so campers could write a personal thank you note to the camp staff.  One boy who has been attending camp at Youth Haven for many years wrote:
“Thank you for letting us come.  I will hope to become an LIT [Leader-in-Training] next year so that I can see you all again.”

Another boy wrote:  “Thank you for everything because it was fun and cool, and it was awesome.”  As you can tell from the photos above, the camp isn’t really scenic at all, unless you find desert scenery especially appealing.  And it’s not really a ranch, unless your definition of a ranch is a petting farm.  But children really do have a blast at Youth Haven.  They swim (in a pool), do archery, play (in a gym), have team leaders (counselors), sing, and have chapel services, just like other Christian camps do.
Don’t get me wrong.  I appreciate camps with beautiful scenery as much as anyone, but it’s Youth Haven’s committed staff and their Christ-centered activities that keep the campers coming back for more. 

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